FOGLI BAROCCHI: Disegni bolognesi tra Seicento e Settecento | Bologna


Disegni bolognesi tra Seicento e Settecento


This is the title of the exhibition with which Maurizio Nobile Gallery, with this autumn's arrival, celebrates Bolognese Art through an exhibition totally focused on drawing.

Tracing the happy season of Bolognese Baroque drawing, the exhibition will present a large selection of about 30 drawings by the most famous and important painters who forged the greatness of the Bolognese school of painting between the 17th and 18th centuries. Through careful and lengthy historiographic and critical research, the public will be offered previously unpublished drawings and interesting discoveries, as well as works already known to scholars.

The exhibition and the catalogue are curated by the expert Marco Riccòmini.


From 8 Novembre to 23 Dicembre 2016

from Tuesday to Saturday - 11h00 /19h00 and by appointment


Maurizio Nobile Gallery Bologna


Via Santo Stefano, 19/a - 40125 - Bologna


Free admission.


For information:

+39 (0)51 23 83 63