Fidélité | Trahison: Opening | Paris |

Paris Gallery 4 November - 20 December 2013 
Paris Gallery Free admission 18h00 - 21h30

After the success in 2011 of the exhibition Fior di Barba and after riding the wave of the widespread belief in an imminent end of the world in 2012 with the exhibition Fine o Rinascita (End or Rebirth), today we want to deal with a theme that is "as old as mankind": fidelity versus betrayal; their implications, their values, their effects, their reasons ...

To betray ourselves in order not to betray others?

To betray others in order to be faithful to ourselves?

The iconography of the works is the leitmotif of a discourse which, ranging from mythology to the Holy Scriptures, recounts the habits and passions inherent in the human soul, making these attitudes and the works still universal and topical.


Dal 14 Novembre al 21 Dicembre 2013

da Martedi al Sabato - 11h00 /19h00


Maurizio Nobile Paris


45, rue de Penthièvre - 75008 - Paris

Métro lines 9 and 13: stop Miromesnil


Free admission.


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+33 (0)1 45 63 07 75