A Painting by Ubaldo Gandolfi rediscovered: Conference | Cento |

Chiesa di San Sebastiano e San Rocco - Cento (FE) 13 April 2018 
Chiesa di San Sebastiano e San Rocco - Cento (FE) Conference Free admission 17h30

With this welcome event, the acquisition by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cento of the bozzetto by Ubaldo Gandolfi has been completed. The study, of St. Sebastian and St. Roch, marks the symbolic return to the town of a visual souvenir of an important work by the Bolognese artist, which had been destroyed. In the context of the Fondazione's ambition to protect local heritage; which inspires its activities, an artistic record of the large altarpiece commissioned from the artist around 1775 for the parish of Saints Sebastian and Roch has now returned to Cento.

The small oil on canvas acquired by the Fondazione is the study for this altarpiece which was destroyed in 1863 (or 1861?), during the celebrations for the feast of the Holy Redeemer, by a leaning candle that set it on fire.

Today, three important works record this major altarpiece, a pen and ink drawing, which was on the London art market, a beautiful red chalk sheet at the Uffizi (inv. 8014 S) and the bozzetto we rediscovered. The existence of the three projects indicates how important this commission must have been for the artist. This beautiful bozzetto and its fascinating history are intrinsically connected to the city of Cento. As a fragment of the past now resuscitated, this work evokes an exceptional historical context which, thanks to the important documentation that has survived, can be reconstructed precisely.


The task of presenting the work and its history has fallen to Marco Riccòmini, an art historian and expert on the Gandolfi brothers.


To us the pride of having rediscovered the work, of bringing it to the market and ultimately taking it home for the pleasure of the city. Another activity which is a reason why we love the work we do so much. Ultimately, the role of an art dealer also includes this.